Admission FAQs

  • Q1. What are the minimum eligibility criteria for admission?

    Ans. Please check the eligibility conditions mentioned above.
  • Q2. My final 10+2 results are still not declared. Am I eligible?

    Ans. Yes, you are eligible. However, you are required to submit the results of the Secondary Board Examination.
  • Q3. How do I select the undergraduate domain program [Bachelor of Arts (BA)/ Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)/ Bachelor of Science (BS))?

    Ans. You may give the option while filling up the application form. However, confirmation of the choice of domain shall be given at the end of the first trimester. The first trimester comprises fundamental courses common to all the domains.
  • Q4. Does the University have opportunities for placements?

    Ans. Yes, the University has a Career Development Centre (CDC) to facilitate the students. However, the University does not guarantee placements.
  • Q5. I am a female candidate. Am I required to pay the full application fee?

    Ans. Yes, all candidates are required to pay a fee of Rs. 3500/- at the time of submission of the form. The application fee for state-domiciled tribes is Rs. 2000 /-

  • Q6. I made some mistakes in filling up the application form. Can I change it?

    Ans. While you are not allowed to make changes in the application form once submitted, the scrutiny committee can revert back to you in case the following: the photo is not clear, or the identity card is not uploaded, or the last qualifying degree certificate is not uploaded. You will get one opportunity to submit the same within a timeline of 7 days, failing which the application may be cancelled.
  • Q7. I did not write the Statement of Purpose. Will my application be considered?

    Ans. No
  • Q8. Can I make a change in my choice of cities?

    Ans. While a candidate is not encouraged to change the city of choice, in special circumstances, a request may be made for the same. However, the University does not guarantee that such change will be affected.
  • Q9. What are the topics on which I have to write in the Interview phase?

    Ans. The topic will be given on the spot and not declared before the commencement of the examination.
  • Q10. Can I be exempted from paying the application fee?

    Ans. No, except for what is mentioned above, no requests will be entertained for exemption.
  • Q.11 What is the fee structure of the University?

    Ans. For fee structure, please visit the University website.