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Per Annum Fee structure (Indian Students)

Tuition Rs. 1,59,500
Infrastructure Fees Rs. 14,000
Development Fees Rs. 6,000
Library Fees Rs. 6,000
Sports and Extra-curricular Rs. 4,000
Total Fee per Annum Rs. 1,89,500
Hostel Fees per Annum (Fully Residential Programme) Rs. 88,000
Caution Fees (Refundable) Rs. 25,000
TOTAL Rs. 3,02,500

Per Annum Fee structure 2024 (International students)

Tuition Rs. 1,59,500
International Student Fee Rs. 4,78,500
Infrastructure fees Rs. 14,000
Development fees Rs. 6,000
Library fees Rs. 6,000
Sports and extra-curricular Rs. 4,000
TOTAL Rs. 6,68,000
Caution fees (one time) Rs. 25,000
Hostel fees Rs. 88,000
TOTAL FEE Rs. 7,81,000